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Life can be so stressful. I'm always scrambling to get dinner prepped, to make sure I have enough diapers and wipes to last through a Zombie apocalypse and trying to squeeze in a little time for myself. What should not be stressful? One thing that shouldn't stress you out - your hair. I have consistently gotten my hair done by the same two people over the past 12 years. The first was a dear friend who decided to move her career to a corporate position. The second stylist has become a dear friend through the first. Abby is hands down a wonderful stylist, she is someone who listens to what her clients are looking for and who is on board for keeping your style the same or switching it up each time! In addition to being a good listener, she is knowledgeable about the products she uses and continues to educate herself on new techniques and trends. I am honored to introduce you to Abby Hexum, a wonderful friend and an extremely talented stylist who resides at Cocoon Salon in NE Minneapolis. Not only is Abby amazing but Cocoon just won City Page's Best of 2018. Check it out here!

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Hi Ladies!
My name is Abby, I'm a hair stylist at Cocoon MSP. I also have the pleasure of getting to do Megan's hair and have known Megan for over 7 years. :) Megan reached out to me about guest blogging for Two Three Four - I thought I would share few of my favorite products to start with. Then, I thought I would share some quick & easy styles suitable for everyday. 
Cocoon Salon | Minneapolis, MN
Cocoon Salon resides in Northeast Minneapolis, in the newly renovated Miller Textile Building. They are conveniently located just above Headflyer Brewing and Five Watt Coffee - which you will want to try both!
First off, I always recommend having a good Dry Shampoo. I even tell my clients to use it the day they wash their hair just to get a head start on soaking up any oils and to help the clean hair last longer. Because lets get real ladies- no one wants to wash their hair every day if they don't have to. Right? :) I highly recommend Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo
Another product that is great for helping with re-styling or freshening a style next day or even 3rd/4th day is Mystify by Oribe. You spray it into your hair and it helps reactivate the product that you have in there already. Its super hydrating and helps protect your hair against heat styling. 
My absolute Favorite product that we can't keep on the shelves at Cocoon is Oribe's Dry Texture Spray! It's amazing for volume!!! I usually put it in on the roots and then spray a little in the midst & ends as well to get the full effect. Depending on how much volume you like or want is how much you would use.
Cocoon Salon Oribe Products
Oribe Products at Cocoon Salon. 
Now on to the fun stuff - simple styles! Those who know me know I love a good wave in the hair. With that said, I don't typically wash my hair everyday. How do I keep it looking fresh? I'll let you in on my secrets! Day 1: I curl my hair with the GHD 1.25" curling iron. Day 2,3 (& hopefully 4! It's a good week if I get here...): I spray Mystify in (details above!), re blow dry the front pieces of my hair and re curl them quick with my curling iron. It takes me 10 min tops! Now, if you're really strapped for time and aren't able to do those steps... Throw in some dry texture spray, rub your scalp and push up your hair from underneath. This is a great way to get an effortless look but still have a little bit of volume. 
Next, the Voluminous Ponytail! This is a good way to keep your hair out of your face and still look put together. I love this hair trick and it is super easy!
-Pull your hair back into a high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. 
-To give your ponytail extra oomph, split the tail in half and place a small clip (one that matches your hair color) into the base. Then hide the clip with the top half of hair.) I have found a small butterfly clip works best.
Last but not least, another quick ponytail. (Ponytails are great because the keep your hair out of your face and can dress up your style!) Here's one more style that might work for you! 
-Put your hair into a high ponytail. Then separate your hair in half and curl each side of the pony tail in medium-small size sections depending on hair density. Then let cool for a minute. 
-Undo the pony (maybe run a pick or wide tooth comb through if needed) then mist with some light hair spray and voila! 
I hope these few little tricks and tips help you ladies! Below I have attached some other similar product options that you may like. Let us know if you have any follow up questions or thoughts. 
Be sure to check out Abby's social pages for ideas and inspiration!
Abby's Instagram Link | Cocoon Salon | Minneapolis, MNAbby's Facebook Page | Cocoon Salon | Minneapolis, MN

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