5 Reasons You NEED A Swimsuit From Wild Isles

SUMMER IS COMING. Sure, I might be friends with the owners and designers of Wild Isles - but that doesn’t mean I’d share a subpar product with you. Their swimwear is absolutely everything that a woman dreams of when searching for the perfect suit. They are made to wear for more than sitting on the boat - YES! Jump in without fear of having a nipslip. Oh you have kids, no problem... You can bend over without your tatas falling out. You were wondering about that food baby? Yeah, no worries their high waisted bottoms are exactly what we want. They have thought of it all. 

As they continue to grow, they have added in some new styles and colors - which is fantastic because it lets you show your personal style while hanging out poolside. But aesthetics aside, here are 5 reasons why you NEED a swimsuit from Wild Isles before booking your spring break vacation.


1. W O M A N    O W N E D

 Liz & Lu are the owners of Wild Isles. They are two of the coolest chicks I know - and incredibly talented at everything. Oh and not only are they woman owned, but their supply chain is comprised of all women - from sourcing, to surface designers to packaging. 

Wild Isles Swim Big Boob Swim Minneapolis, MN

These girls are incredible and have worked hard to find swimwear that is flattering on all women. 


2. R E C Y C L E D   M A T E R I A L S

Their recycled fabric is not just made from recycled plastic pellets - they are made fishing nets that are pulled out of the Mediterranean Sea by volunteer divers! I love that they are going to great lengths to take something negative and turn it into something positive. 

Wild Isles Swim Big Boob Swim Minneapolis, MN

The Vita top is the perfect combo of sexy and flattering!


3. B O D Y    P O S I T I V I T Y

Wild Isles is all about that bass - their brand is made for women of all sizes. They stand for woman equality. They stand for #womensupportingwomen. They are an inclusive brand that truly celebrates women in their rawest element.

Wild Isles Swim Big Boob Swim Minneapolis, MN 

The Sunny top shown in black & amalfi blue. 


4. M A D E    L O C A L

Who knew that Minneapolis was equipped to produce swimwear from start to finish? I surely did not. Liz  and Lu did their research, found the best and ensured that their partners were in it to win it. 

Wild Isles Swim Big Boob Swim Minneapolis, MN

From start to finish the products from Wild Isles are top of the line. 


5. Q U A L I T Y    P R O D U C T S

You will be blown away by the quality of the swimsuits - they are double lined, which creates smooth curves all over. They contour to your body, create clean lines and stay in place so you can spend more time in the pool and less time adjusting your suit. The fabric is durable and I’d say it holds you together!!! 

Wild Isles Swim Big Boob Swim Minneapolis, MN

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Xo, Megan

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