5 Tips to Get Your Best Night's Sleep

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Sleep. What is that? I'm just kidding! Kind of. I daydream about the nights where I used to sleep for 8+ hours uninterrupted. I would wake up feeling refreshed, ready to tackle the day and excited for my daily endeavors. Don't get me wrong, I'm still excited to see the peanuts every morning but I literally cannot function until I have  an espresso (or two!). I also tend to go on a morning outing to Caribou Coffee with the boys, it kills about a half hour of an extremely long morning - and gives me a little extra pep in my step. If you also struggle sleeping... First of all, I feel you! Second, I sleep my best when I've done the following things: 

1. Less Caffeine. I could honestly drink coffee all day long... A few shots of espresso in the morning, an iced coffee when the boys lay down and maybe a Kombucha during the afternoon work session. If I cut this down to no caffeine after 12pm, I'm in a much better place! 

2. No screen time. Hilarious, I know! Screen time includes TV for me. TV is a huge stimulant and is always making me think of things - groceries that I should order, what shirt Lucy Hale is wearing in Life Sentence, what could I get Sean for Father's Day?! I mean, I would be lying if I said I abided by this every single evening but the truth is... I like to scroll through Instagram, watch Modern Family and look for fun new DIYs or kids fashion on Pinterest. I'm just saying that it's helpful if I don't! An alternative to screen time is reading a book instead of reading Facebook - there are so many good authors out there and lots of interesting self help books. I recently read Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. It was extremely inspiring! I'll do a little book review for you, look for the post next week! 

3. Hey Girl Sleep Tea. I ordered this for the first time about 2 weeks ago - it's been helping me wind down almost every night. How did I come across this??? Well, Amazon Prime, my friends. =) I was nearing the bottom of my Sleepytime Tea and I went to order some more - I came across Hey Girl and obviously I thought it was cute and clever. Did you think of Ryan Gosling when I mentioned the name of the product? Because I surely did and it made me laugh. This tea has Valerian Root Extract, Chamomile and Lemon Balm, all of which are naturally calming. Order this - get past the smell of the tea bag - drink it - it's yummy! Bedtime Tea For Stress and Anxiety Relief - Herbal Sleep Aid Remedy To Relax & Get Restful Sleep at Night | with Valerian Root Extract , Chamomile and Lemon Balm

Hey Girl Sleep Tea

4. Prep for the following day. This can mean so many different things. I usually start by writing out my list of things I need to do for the next day - examples would be order groceries, put chicken in the crock pot at 2pm, switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer, gym at 8:30am. I also prep lots of things for the boys, I pour their milk (and put it in the fridge!) and get their cheerios ready to be consumed when we come downstairs in the morning. I fill the diaper bag with diapers and wipes. 

5. Meditation or Meditative Sleep Music. I feel like a nerd admitting this, but I absolutely love it and listen to it almost every night. I have two different apps - both are free. Insight Timer and Calm. Insight Timer is totally free, whereas Calm has in app purchases or a premium version. I highly suggest looking at these apps and actually using them. You may not find a guided meditation that you love right away, but you will! You have to enjoy someone's voice. Once you find it, look for more done by that person.

Calm App

I can't say that all of these things are going to work for you, but pick and choose a couple to start with. It is beneficial for everyone when your are rested and ready to embrace the day - not matter how crazy or chaotic it might be! Let me know if you have any other tips, I'm always looking to better myself and my daily habits!

xo, Megan 


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