9 Things New Moms Need

Tons of my friends and neighbors are having babies so I'm guessing lots of your friends and neighbors are too! We're at that age where we plan AND hope to have kids. I still think to myself every once in a while, "How did I get here?!" 

Since your friends are having kids, you'll need to know what to bring them (it's not all about the baby!!!) when their little bundle of joy arrives. Lucky for you, I've compiled a list of what I believe are the most useful and enjoyed gift ideas for new moms. 

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Coffee. I suggest that you bring them a hot coffee from their local coffee shop, and then offer to hold the baby while they enjoy that cup of joe. Chances are good that they won't enjoy hot coffee often over the next few months - it will either be lukewarm or reheated. You could also get a gift card for a coffee shop with a drive through so that they don't have to get the baby out of the car to get their daily coffee fix. 

Hot Coffee

Food. I cannot stress this enough. Don't ask if you can bring food, just bring it. Lots of it. Freezer meals are perfect because they can be used as needed. Be sure to write instructions on the container so that they can just pop it in to the oven when they decide to eat it. Another idea that would relate to this is to get them a gift card to a grocery delivery service - we use Coborn's Delivers every week still (the boys are 18 months old!). It's so convenient and much easier than trying to bring the kids through the store while you find and cross off 47 items. Here is a link to gift cards for unlimited delivery for Coborn's

Freezer Meals

Dry Shampoo. I feel like this is self explanatory..... Even if I had the time to shower when the boys were newborns I didn't every day... I was too tired and wasn't seeing many people anyways. Here are two products that I recommend - Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo and Bed Head Rockaholic

Sweatpants. Everybody needs a good pair of sweats. When they're home with a new baby (after vaginal delivery or c-section), they will need them more than ever. I suggest sweatpants that have elastic bottoms - that way if they by chance need to run outside or to the store quickly they don't drag on the ground.

Disposable underwear. One of my girlfriends told me about this #lifehack when I had Hank and Louie. I don't care what anyone tells you about going home after having a baby, they will love these. They make them "super cute" now too and they aren't nearly as bulky as pads. Click here for the link.

Bath Bombs. You could also get bath salts. Basically, anything that promotes her taking time for herself and relaxing. This is key to keeping mental health in check. Everyone needs some time to themselves. Let me know if you need some of these! I have a few different scents. 

Bath Bomb

Massage. Having a baby is absolutely insane. Your body just knows what to do and you will be sore in places that you didn't even know muscles existed. This soreness isn't going to go away any time soon - because after that soreness heals up, you're toting a baby around for the next 2 years. ;) 

Amazon Echo. Was there actually life before this technology???? I didn't get Alexa until the boys were close to a year old but she is absolutely life changing. She helps make lists for Target and groceries. She sets timers and can you remind you to take the frozen meal out of the oven. Also, you can head to my blog post about how I use her the most often!!! 

Streaming Subscription. We're getting to the end of the gift list but that doesn't mean that these ideas are any less important. Newborn babies take a long time to eat, sometimes I could get in a full episode of How To Get Away With Murder before the boys were done with their 4 oz bottle. If your friend doesn't have Netflix and/or Amazon Video, they will appreciate you greatly for getting it for them. 

I know I said 9 things but I can't leave this one out. So you get a bonus gift idea! Some sort of sign for the front door that basically tells the mailman, UPS or FedEx that if they ring the doorbell you will let them have it. And you may find where they live and ring their doorbell at 2am. (I have this one and it's so cute! It's a link to Etsy.)

Baby is Sleeping Sign

By no means do you have to get them all of these things - pick and choose what you think your friend will appreciate the most. If you're a millionaire, get them all. 

xo, Megan


  • If you’re a millionaire… get them all. This is great!

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