A Mom's Guide to New Year Resolution's

Every mom wants to be the best mom. Ever. But, sometimes, we slip up on our A-game. It’s only natural. Working, taking care of kids, spouses, pets, a home, a property (need I go on?) can be pretty overwhelming. But this year, let’s vow to do better. We’ve got this!  Right? Read on to view some collective New Year’s resolutions set by over tired, under socialized, and over protective moms-just like you!

Mother and Daughter Walking 

Resolution #1-I will not swear!

Nothing is grosser than observing your child use a curse word. Often times, you can’t blame anyone but yourself. Truth. So while your kids may push you to the point of swearing like a sailor or the a-hole in the car in front of you decided to slam on their breaks. Resist the urge to spew out a swear word.


Resolution #2-I will not go to bed wearing a full face of make-up.

Why is it that we can put in hours doing laundry, put in a full 8 hour work day, clean the house like it’s our job; but when it’s time to clean our face before bed (literally a one minute task), we throw in the towel? Come on, ladies! Let’s show our face a lot more love (and when all else fails, a quick wipe down with a make-up remover should suffice).

 Woman Sleeping with Pug

Resolution #3-I will drink less.

There’s virtually no need for you to pour yourself a drink. Your kids will not put up a fight about getting dressed and brushing their teeth. They will not throw tantrums in public when they can’t get a toy. Your bills will disappear, and your spouse will magically decide to clean the house every day. Dinner will be delivered to you on a silver platter, and your kids will always sleep past 9am on the weekend. Who are you kidding? Girl, pour you a drink!

 New Years Eve Toast and Resolutions

Resolution #4-I will not clean my child’s plate with my mouth.

Wondering where the extra pound or two around your middle is coming from? Your kid’s plate. That’s right. Don’t deny that you scarf up their scraps, rather than throw them out. Why does our mom guilt kick in when we see a quarter of grilled cheese left over? We teach our kids not to overeat, yet here we are, shamelessly throwing our kids’ food into our mouths. The worst part is, we do it in private; solely not to get judged by our four year old (“Mom, I thought you already had dinner.”). When you collect your child’s plate from the table in the New Year, run it as fast as you can to the sink and douse that baby with water-pronto!


Resolution #5-I will wake up every day at 5 am to work out.

Hahahaahahhaahaha.  Hahahaah. Ha. Hahaha!

 Alarm Clock

Resolutions? Screw ‘em. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you have to do better, or more for that matter. You’re a mom and you’ve been given the greatest gift in life. Sit back, relax, enjoy the ride! While it’s nice to try to kick some less than healthy habits..let’s face it. Sometimes you need to pour yourself a nice glass of chardonnay, grab a bowl full of snacks, and slip on your favorite pj’s while you binge watch your “shows” and totally ignore your husband and everything else that’s going on around you!


Here’s to 2019.


-Heather Aulisio-


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