An Interview With Mikaela Casey - Author

Have you read the book by Mikaela Casey, the author of Minnesota’s newest (and arguably the most memorable) children’s book... Lenny The Loon? I recently had the honor of sitting down with Mikaela and discussing the book that has quickly won the hearts of many children (and adults!) around Lake Minnetonka. If you haven’t had the opportunity to get your hands on this book, I’ll be sure to include a link to purchase at the bottom of the interview! 

Lenny The Loon on Lake Minnetonka

Megan: I know you grew up around Lake Minnetonka, so I’m sure you have many favorite places. Were there any special spots that you left out of the book? Maybe one that you didn’t want to share?

Mikaela: Oh yeah! There are so many places that are special to me that didn’t make the cut. Growing up me and my brother and neighbors would go to Boyscout Island all the time! We would play tag and go on the rope swing. But I really wanted to choose places that were meaningful to a lot of people, so some of my personal favorites got cut. 

Megan: My twin boys absolutely adore Lenny and I don’t think they’ve seen a loon IRL yet... When they do I think it might blow their mind!! The name Lenny is cute and catchy - Is there any significance around the name Lenny? 

Mikaela: That is awesome! Loons are such amazing animals and I still get excited every time I see one. The story behind the name is weird, there really is no significance at all. One day shortly after I decided I wanted to write the book I just thought, “Lenny the Loon is really catchy.” From that moment on I really never questioned it. It was set in stone, I guess.

Behind the Scenes of Lenny the Loon

Megan: That is awesome, I will definitely have more details coming soon for our readers! Are there any more Lenny the loon Advendures in the future? 

Mikaela: YES! For sure! I am really excited about the new book. It is written, and almost done being illustrated. My Illustrator, Yana Popova, is so amazing and I cannot wait for everyone to see this next book! I am hoping for a mid-November release, and will share the title of the new book in September on my Facebook page as well as!

Megan: Why a loon?

Mikaela: I picked a Loon for a couple of reasons. Firstly, because it is Minnesota’s state bird. I want Lenny the Loon to remind people of how lucky we are to live in such a great place. Secondly, I just love Loons. I love seeing them dive under water and hearing them call to each other. I have always been so fascinated by them, and love that I get a chance to showcase these amazing birds.

Mikaela Casey Author of Lenny The Loon

Megan: Would you do a private reading of the book? I’d love to sponsor an event.

Mikaela: Yes, for sure! I have done quite a few events around town but generally they are markets with different vendors. I would love to do a private reading!

Megan: Where can the book be purchased?!

Mikaela: Excited to announce that Lenny has gotten into it’s 14th store!! Thanks for supporting local business!

-Excelsior Bay Books
-Al & Almas
-something Safari
-Jubilee Foods
-True Value Mound
-Spring Park Pharmacy
-The General Store
-Gathered Goods
-Kowalski’s Excelsior
-Barnes and Noble Ridgedale
-The Owl and the Octopus

-Minnesota Inboard Water Sports



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