Megan’s Favorite Things: Gifts for Her

I love to share the things that I love with my friends and family. Buy these amazing things for yourself or pass this link along to your loved ones! (No need to be disappointed on Christmas morning!) If I’ve missed anything major, please let me know! 

Xo, Megan



This beauty device is incredible. I know I’ve been talking about it a lot lately - but that’s because I’ve been using it for 8 weeks now and I am HOOKED. It’s basically a mini facial that you get twice a day - for the same price as a good facial at a spa!

Click here to shop - 10% off!

 LumiSpa facial cleansing device gifts for her

Spanx Bralette

A couple months ago I got fitted for a bra at Nordstrom - which is something that I highly recommend that you do... The experience is 1000x better than going to Victoria’s Secret and I loved being able to try different sizes and brands on. After trying on a ton of different styles, I browsed through the clearance rack before I purchased my new bras. I found a super cute, incredibly soft, bralette made by Spanx. Say whaaaat?! It’s the best casual bra I’ve ever put on. 

Click here to shop.

 Spanx bralette Gifts for her

Sorel Kinetic Sneakers

Sean was annoyed that I purchased these for myself at the beginning of November... Because I have a birthday and Christmas the next month. I had a little bit of buyer’s remorse but honestly... After wearing these 4 days in a row that first week, I got over it really quickly. They are warm, have good traction and are SO CUTE. Don’t let the cost  get you down, they are worth every penny and you will be obsessed with them. Now... If there was a black pair with the gray felt. <3 

I wanted to give you a direct link but I can’t find them available online. ;) They sold quickly! Here is a picture of the ones that I have - your lady will be happy with something similar! They are shorter than a boot, kind of like a winter sneaker. 

Sorel Kinetic Caribou Gifts for Her 

Whirls & Purls Hat and Cowl

My friend Jenny is a master knitter. She’s got the most beautiful and sturdy hats that I’ve found. She starts with only the most beautiful and quality yarn. PLUS, she’s a Minneapolis native and knows what we need to stay warm here in MN during the winter!

Click here to shop.

 Whirls and Purls handmade knit hats Minneapolis, MN

Mini Backpack

I’ve got one that is getting super worn out because I use it everyday... I like it way better than a diaper bag and better than a purse because I can be hands free! Having the twinadoes out in public is hard enough, I need to have both hands and  both feet to keep up with them. 

Click here to shop. (Splurge item!)

Click here to shop.

Mini Leather Backpack Gifts for Her

Athleta Leggings

Every single day I dream about wearing my Mercer Tights. Seriously. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I have two pairs but I wish I had 7. Although Athleta doesn’t make these anymore, I know you can find a pair that you will LOVE and dream about as well. Maybe a gift card is the right option - then you can shop those after Christmas sales. 

Click here to shop. 

Athleta Trekkie Crop Tights Gifts for Her

Karma Stacks

Jeanna is the most beautiful soul and makes incredible bracelets - which she calls stacks! I love these... In fact I bought some over the weekend for gifts and have also purchased some for my nieces for the holiday. If you are looking for something specific - send her a message! 

Click here to shop. 

Karma Stacks handmade bracelets Minnesota MN

Yeti coffee mug

I feel like this doesn’t need an explanation. My coffee gets COLD quickly when I’m chasing twin toddlers around. I use this every morning and in the summertime, I use it every night... ;) 

The link goes to the exact one I have. I would also love to have the mug, but I’m not sure how that would fit in my cup holder in the car. Food for thought. 

Click here to shop.

Yeti Tumbler Gifts for Her


Also, self explanatory. Quick pick me up. ✅ Now there are Starbucks traditional pods at Target. YES. It’s incredible. I’m on my second machine - I would have had my first still but I thought it was broken then realized that it wasn’t but Sean had already bought the new one for me. =) 

Click here to shop. 

 Nespresso Essenza Gifts for Her

Spotify Premium Subscription

I don’t get much time to myself so when I do... I don’t want to listen to commercials. I want to listen to Juicy by Notorious BIG, then Calm Down by T Swift and finally Circles by Post Malone - not interrupted by commercials or screaming toddlers. 

Click here to shop. 

Spotify Premium Gifts for Her

Starbucks Gift Card

You could gift her one free coffee or a year’s worth. She’ll be thankful either way. Best part about this gift... Stocking stuffer or a gift! Either way, she’ll love you for giving her the energy she needs! 

Click here to shop. 

Starbucks Gift Card Gifts for Her

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