Our Weekend In 5 Photos

Hello! Hope you had a great weekend. We sure did. What did we do???

I started the weekend off with something healthy, it makes me feel better about all the bad food and beverage decisions I make from 5pm on Friday until Monday morning. This smoothie bowl was really green and really good!!! (Ingredients: kale, green apple, avocado, almond milk, chia seeds, old fashioned oats, vanilla greek yogurt - then topped with a sliced banana and granola!) 

Green Smoothie Bowl

Despite the junk weather we had, I dressed the boys in the Bob Marley shirts we got them in Jamaica and we listened to some of his music. They love any and all music, which is interesting because neither Sean or I are musically inclined. I mean c'mon - can it get any cuter than a toddler in a Bob Marley shirt?! 

Bob Marley Toddler Shirt

Sean and I were spoiled this weekend - his parents took the twins on Friday and kept them overnight! We went to a retirement party in St. Paul and had a great time. We were home about 9:30pm though, Fridays are so hard! It's like after the work week we are just EXHAUSTED. It was fun to see my Mom's siblings and hang out with my siblings - without the kids. It's a rare occurrence these days. 

Siblings at Patrick McGovern's in St Paul

My sister and I had planned to head to the MN Zoo on Saturday, but since the weather didn't quite cooperate we decided to take the kids to an indoor playground. We went to Brookview Backyard. The kids loved it! My 8 year old niece wasn't as into it as we thought she'd be, but maybe if one of her friends was there she might have been more interested? The boys and my younger niece, who is 2, had a blast. There was an area that was directed at the younger kids, which we all enjoyed. I didn't get any pictures - not a surprise. After all that playtime, I needed a cocktail! I made a Salty Chihuahua , which is quite possibly my favorite drink of all time.

Salty Chihuahua

Salt your glass. I have found that using the slice of a grapefruit (or a lime!) works better than water to line the rim.

Fill glass with ice.

2 ounces Patron, or any tequila of your liking.

Juice from one grapefruit.

Stir and serve immediately!

The Easter Bunny came to our house! He brought the boys a cute little book of all the people in their life - I think he got it from Pinhole Press. We had a fun day playing with the boys, hanging out with family and eating lots of ham! 

Easter Photo

Okay, seriously... The bunny is the same size as them! =) 

Have a great week! 

xo, Megan

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