Our Weekend in 5 Photos

I'm sitting here drinking an iced vanilla latte with an extra shot of espresso, looking out the window longing for the warmer weather. It's honestly depressing. I can't get enough caffeine or enough sleep to make the gray "okay". Luckily, this past weekend was refreshing and we were able to do a few fun things! 

Pizza Friday continues. The boys love pizza and I love the cleanup. Plus, it doesn't take any planning. I tried again to color with them, the obsession with putting the crayons in their mouth is infuriating. Any tips on how to stop this behavior would be greatly appreciated! Otherwise, you can totally just commiserate with me. 

Pizza Friday

Hankie post pizza demolition.

Pinhole Press Scribble Book and Crayons

The boys used their Scribble Books from Pinhole Press for the first time!

On Saturday we dropped the boys off at my in-laws for the night - Sean and I had plans with my family. We hit up Tattersall Distillery in Northeast before meeting up with the fam. I had two cocktails, the 18th & Central and The Salty Dog. MAN were they good. And they were so pretty, it's awesome! We sat at the bar and it was so much fun, I love craft cocktails a lot, so watching their employees make all the drinks was super entertaining for me. This is kind of random, but they have an app - with cocktail recipes. I just downloaded it so I'll let you know what I think! From there we headed to Pryes Brewing and then Dangerous Man. If you head to Pryes - you need to get the Bohemian Blonde, it was amazing! At Dangerous Man, Sean highly recommends the Peanut Butter Porter. They both had a great atmosphere and Pryes had something called Feather Bowling - we didn't play but it did look fun! 

Tattersall Distillery | Minneapolis, MN

18th & Central at Tattersall.

Family at Pryes Brewing | Minneapolis, MN

The fam at Pryes - good looking crew!

Since we were child free on Sunday morning we went to brunch with some friends! We went to Benedict's in Wayzata, it's new and I had heard good things. The wait was crazy long and we were super hungry when we finally sat down. Four Bloody Mary's were ordered upon seating - they were served with a craft beer chaser - WIN. They also came with a pickle roll up... Literally so good! We started with the mini doughnuts and they were quite possibly the best I've ever had and TBH, I get mini doughnuts a lot so that's saying something. =) I think they were deep fried twice. Oh, and they were served with a side of chocolate sauce.  I got the Crab Benedict, served with house potatoes. I think Sean was jealous... But he got a Steak Burrito and there was some sort of special sauce on there that was everything! Our meals were all delicious and the service was great, we will definitely be going back again soon! The wait was worth it, however, if we would have had Hank & Lou we wouldn't have been able to do that! We had a little bit of time to kill after brunch so we headed to Cov to watch the Masters. (And let's be honest, we had a brunch cocktail.)

Cov | Wayzata, MN

Nothing beats a Sunday with friends!

I took a bath and hit the hay before 9pm... Bring on the week! 

xo, Megan


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  • Girl, right there with you with the crayons. I have no tips, just here to give you support in knowing you’re not the only one. Those cocktails sound delicious and I may have to hit up that distillery after we are done with the Whole30! This weather (and Charles’s lack of sleep and general crankiness from eye teeth) is driving me to drink! 🤣


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