Our Weekend in 5 Photos

For some reason I always feel the urge to start my blogs with a comment about the weather. Must be a Minnesotan thing. ;) Anyways, we totally embraced the spring weather we are finally having - almost every waking moment was spent outdoors. 

Boys and Sophia at Gale Woods Farm

Sophia, Louie & Hank at Gale Woods Farm. 

Lamb at Gale Woods Farm

The Lambs come right up to us. They are so cute!

We barbecued at Sean's parents on Friday night. We got to meet Cash, Sean's brother's new puppy. He's a Goldendoodle and he is seriously so sweet. The evening got cut short for us thought - Hank hit his head and was acting super strange, including vomiting. We ended up taking him to the ER, where they said he was okay - no concussion (THANK GOD!). Our experience at the 212 Medical Center was absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it - we will go back there in the future. Louie got to have a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's without Hankie, their first night apart! 

Our garage was a complete disaster.... Sean used the nice weather to clean it out and get organized! It feels so much better in there, like we can actually walk around the cars without having to dodge items. (hahah!) We took the boys to Lost Lake to get ice cream after their naps. They love the ice cream, but I think they were more interested in everyone riding their bikes around! I'll have to get one here soon. Any recommendations on bikes and/or trailers for the boys would be appreciated!

Boys with Cash - Goldendoodle Puppy

Louie, Hank and Cash eating chalk on the driveway. 

Sean and I went out on a date Saturday night. We went to 6Smith in Wayzata for dinner and drinks. It was awesome, we got to sit outside on the patio! I ordered the scallops and Sean got the braised short rib. Both were outstanding! I would get the scallops again anytime! Oh, and their dry rub wings are so good. We will probably always get those to start with. Now, the important part... Cocktails! I started with the Cinnamon Girl, I think that was the name of it. It was yummy! Just the right amount of cinnamon. Then, with my meal I got the Chenin Blanc - it was perfect with the scallops. Post dinner, we headed to our local watering hole - Back Channel Brewing

Back Channel Brewing

Yesterday the boys played with their Cozy Coupes for a majority of the day. They are absolutely obsessed! We got the second one from a neighbor, we are so thankful they don't have to fight over the one anymore. 

Cozy Coupes

Cozy Coupes on the deck. 

I hope you enjoyed the weather over the weekend!!! I've got lots coming up this week so I'll be in touch.

xo, Megan

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