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I’ve gone through tons of beauty fads. DARK eyeliner. Full face of concealer. Too much bronzer. Noxzema. Stridex pads. One thing that will never go away though - cleaning my face at the end of the day and starting the day off with a fresh face. Six months ago I started using a beauty device that was life changing! The LumiSpa from NuSkin is absolutely incredible. 

LumiSpa Beauty Device NuSkin Products

The LumiSpa is an award winning beauty device that costs the same as a quality facial, but is used two times a day! LumiSpa uses a cleanser/treatment that is specially formulated to maximize the benefits of the device. Because not every person has the same skin, there are 5 different cleansers that are available so that you can choose based on your skin type. 

 Best Beauty Devices NuSkin Products

I love the LumiSpa not only because it gets my skin super clean but it also massages (which helps with fine lines and density) and softens the skin. I also honestly think it has helped with congestion over the winter - seriously though! It massages my sinuses and helps keep my head from feeling plugged up! In addition to these reasons why I personally love it, here are 7 skin benefits that it delivers:





Purified skin

Reduced pore appearance

Visibly improved skin density & volume 

Best Beauty Device Skincare Device NuSkin


If you are anything like me, you are purchasing this because you want to look 29 for the next 30 years. It’s possible, right?! To shop, click here

Xo, Megan


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