The Essential Guide to Spring Organization

I have been so inconsistent with my blogging, it's frustrating because I truly like to write! It's hard to find time to even wrap my head around what's happening on the daily, then to physically write it out - - - near impossible! I've been thinking a lot about how I want to organize myself and my family this spring, because that's what people do right?! Fellow Mom Boss and owner of Twin Cities Mobile Mommy, Anahita, wrote a piece that I can get on board with. The best part?! She broke it up into 3 parts, this will give you time to digest and do. First up, organizing your 10 mile long task list... 

Where to start spring cleaning and organization

Get yourself a cute notepad for your organization! It'll help you stay on track. 

Read the full blog post here

And when you're done - mix up a quick blend of "Summertime Smells" for your diffuser. I like Orange (3 drops), Grapefruit (3 drops) and Lemon (3 drops!). It's really get you thinking springtime thoughts. 

xo, Megan


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