The Best Wines For Fall


I also love an ice cold beer, an old fashioned or a botanical gin & tonic. It seems that every October my body just knows that the cooler weather is coming. I start to pour myself a glass of red wine or a whiskey on the rocks instead of grabbing a White Claw or mixing a up a Hendrick's Tonic. Why is this? I'm not sure, but my theory is that as a Minnesota native we appreciate the change of seasons - it allows our diversity in all areas of life... Sports, foods, fashion, drinks. I’m so happy to have met Carin from Pairs Well With... - she’s got the best taste in wine and she can even bring it to you. She gave me the following recommendations on fall wine. If I were you, I’d head out this afternoon so you can sit by the fire and sip these delicious bottles tonight. 

The Best Wines for Fall

Meet Carin, a Minnesota wine icon.
Courtesy of Rachabella Photography

The first recommendation is Soave Classico. You’ll head to Surdyk’s, tell the employee that Carin (kuh-rin) from Pairs Well With... sent you for a bottle of Inama Vin Soave. They’ll help you find what you are looking for! 

Next, you’ll head to France 44 - a specialty bottle shop located in Edina. They can help you find a delicious bottle of Lambrusco, specifically the Lini 910 Lambrusca Lambrusco Rosato. Carin loves this store and works closely with them to know their stock and help clients find what they are looking for!

For your third stop, Solo Vino. You’ll want to have enough time to browse around the shop but make sure you grab the Juve & Camps Pinot Noir (Brut Rose) Cava. 

The fourth and final bottle that Carin HIGHLY recommends is a Pinot Noir from the Willamette (rhymes with dammit) Valley. It’s a bottle of Four Graces and can be found at Haskell’s. I’m a sucker for a Pinot from the Willamette - I got to go on a fun girls trip to the valley last fall!

Now that you’ve got your wines... You’ll probably need some snacks. Carin worked with her dear friend (and food genius), Jamie from So Happy You Liked It to pair these wines with some good and hearty fall dishes. Check out the blog here

Gahhhh. Good thing I’ve got some time to myself tonight - I’m going to check out some of these wines. 

Happy Fall! 

Xo, Megan 

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