Travel: Leaving the Littles

Since the boys arrived last January I have had a number of nights away from them - girls weekend at the cabin, a bachelorette weekend for my bestie and a few other one offs. Sean has also had nights away, whether for work or fun! But together, we have had only two nights alone. Crazy! Anyways, I wasn't a basket case either time because it was for one night. Even if their schedules got off or they cried the entire time, I figured it was ONE NIGHT and it was totally doable. When a girlfriend of mine said she was going to get married in Jamaica, I was like "SIGN ME UP!!!!!!" Not only was I excited that she will be marrying the love of her life, but also, I knew it would be so good for Sean and I to have some uninterrupted time alone. Now that the trip is quickly approaching, and I had a few minutes this morning while enjoying an extra large dirty chai latte..... Let's talk about the extreme organization of items that I have to have for them and my (mostly unjustified) fears. 

 Although the boys are going to stay with family, I'm nervous that I'll forget to pack or purchase something important for them. I've got diapers, clothes and their beloved stuffed puppies from Jellycat (Spot and Goldy), what more could they need?! ;)  **Meet Spot and Goldy!!!!!!**

Jellycat Puppies

Do we call/FaceTime or not? I lean towards no, I think that them seeing us will make them realize how much they miss us. I mean, they are only one, they can't understand that we'll be back to get them. (Going off of that, do I have the family member remove all photos of us from their home?! Just kidding... Kind of.)

In my mind I'm imagining myself being sad a couple times - the first will be when we leave them and head to the airport. The second will be a few days in to the trip, maybe when I have a headache from all inclusive margaritas and am living on limited hours of sleep and maximum hours of sun.

How do I get over these irrational fears? Any tips on organization of their items? Best practices for communication with them while gone? Advice for reassuring myself that what we're doing is good for everyone? 

I'll be sure to let you know how everything goes when we get back! 

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