5 Valentine's Day Activities For The Whole Family

Love is in the air! Before you know it, Valentine’s Day will make its way into your home. While you probably feel like you don’t need a holiday to tell your kids and spouse just how much you love and care about them; it’s always nice to partake in some Valentine’s festivities. Read on to learn about some fun and festive activities that the whole family will love participating in!


💕Love Note Hide and Seek💕

Ideal for school aged children; place red, pink, and white construction paper on your kitchen table. Explain to all members of your family that they must make 10 hearts using the paper provided. On each heart, they must write something they love about each family member. Once all 10 hearts are inscribed, hide them around the house in places they will be found by those they address. A modified game of hide and seek; recipients will love finding and reading the hidden hearts! 

💕Love Your Life💕

You have a lot to be thankful for and love about your life. Maybe you love your home. Maybe your children love their toys. Maybe you love the fact that you can take a lavish family vacation every year. This Valentine’s Day, instead of focusing on your love for each other, focus on how much you love your life. One way you can truly cherish what you have is by volunteering at a hospital, a nursing home, or even a soup kitchen so your family’s values can be put in perspective. 

💕Chocolate Box Tradition💕

Visit a chocolatier in your nearby area. Purchase a beautiful, velvet lined chocolate box from them. Make it a point to start the tradition of getting the box filled with your favorite chocolates and truffles. Be sure to share the delicious treasures inside and take good care of the precious handmade boxes, so they last for many years. Your kids will love and look forward to going “chocolating” each Valentine’s Day. 

I personally recommend Truffle Hill Chocolates in Excelsior, MN - click here to view their website!

Truffle Hill Chocolates Excelsior MN 

💕Visit the Sweetest Place on Earth💕

Why not get out of town for Valentine’s Day weekend? The best place to go? The sweetest place on Earth should do-Hershey, Pennsylvania. Home of Milton Hershey and his chocolate factory, your family can enjoy staying in one of the two main Hershey hotels, taking chocolate tours, and even frolicking in an indoor waterpark and strolling through the Hershey zoo, which is open year round. If you have older teens, be sure to book a spa experience and enjoy a chocolate facial, and other chocolate-indulged beauty treatments.  

💕Book a Board and Brush Tutorial💕

A popular family activity includes booking a Board and Brush studio for a private lesson. Prices are super reasonable and it’s an activity all members of the family can participate in. Simply select your design template (make it Valentine themed, of course) and learn how to distress, stain, and stencil your wooden sign. The best part? You can hang your masterpieces all over the house; allowing you to always love and cherish your time together on Valentine’s Day!

I suggest checking out Paint Nite Minneapolis or Brush Studios at West End. 

Paint Nite Minneapolis

Brush Studio St Louis Park MN


Valentine’s Day often gets overlooked because many feel that they don’t need one designated day to tell those they love how they feel. While this may be true, it’s also fun to start some traditions with your kiddos that help them understand just how appreciated they are, and how lucky your family is to have one another. Consider planning some of these fun family activities before Valentine’s Day sneaks up on you!


Author: Heather Aulisio

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