5 Valentine's Day Activities for Toddlers

The past couple weeks have been super rough for us. School's been cancelled due to snow, we've all been sick and there have been FRIGID temperatures that have kept us cooped up. Although I'm crossing my fingers that this week is nothing like the last two, I'm not going to hold my breath. ;) Here are a few activities that we have either done already or will do this week leading up to Valentine's Day, in the comfort of our own home... Probably wearing our pajamas from the night before. ♥️


1. Read Valentine's Day books. I picked up a special Daniel Tiger book for the boys last week - they are obsessed with him right now. I'm not mad about it, he's teaching them how to be kind, help their friends and try new foods. Anyways, snuggle up with your littles and read to them all about how much you love them!

 Valentine’s Day books


2. Sort & Snack candy hearts. Louie likes to sort by color, so I thought I'd be festive and get a few boxes of candy hearts for them to munch on. 

Candy Hearts

Candy Hearts Activity

Candy Hearts Activity


3. Valentine’s Day word tracers. I would say this activity is for kiddos a little older than mine, maybe 3-4 years old. It's a good way to practice writing and learning the alphabet! This specific worksheet is from Education.com! (Go to their website and browse around!!!)

 Click here to download the word tracer activity! 


4. Bake sugar cookies. Hank likes to help with everything in the kitchen right now. He pulls a chair right up to the counter - wanting to help me measure, flip and clean up any messes. It's absolutely adorable, but it can also be frustrating! This recipe is a no fail from America's Test Kitchen Baking Cookbook. I love cutouts and these cookies will not disappoint! And remember, P A T I E N C E. ;) The recipe was actually featured on Popsugar previously, so I'm going to send you there because I compared it to the cookbook and this is it! ATK Holiday Cookies

America's Test Kitchen Baking Cookbook

Valentine's Day Activities Heart Cookies

Heart Cookies for Valentine's Day

5. Love Bug arts and crafts. In all honesty, I searched on Pinterest for a few ideas on this. I then searched my house for any crafty pieces I could find and let them go to town. The craft shown below is not ours… 


Please share any activities that you do or if you do some of these, I’d love to see pictures! 

xo, Megan

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  • You teach those honeys so much Megan, you are such a great mom. Lou & Hank are the luckious boys.

    Patrick Murphy

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