Behind the Scenes: Megan & Co.

You guys. Sean and I  managed to survive our first year of parenthood. And, more importantly, Hank and Louie have also survived! In fact, I'd like to believe that we thrived during the last 13 months. There were definitely moments where I doubted our lack of common sense, moments where I doubted our game time decisions and, I hate to admit, but a couple moments where I doubted that we actually should have been parents. But, during the same 13 months, we have evolved into less selfish, more responsible adults. We've nurtured our relationship and acknowledged the lows and celebrated the highs (WITH SO MUCH CHAMPAGNE!). Our communication skills have improved and it's helped us be better partners and better parents. In addition to those pros of parenthood, I have personally been learning to accept less than perfect situations and move on. Every single day is an adventure and I've decided to share it with you. 

A few things that get me through every day: a ton of caffeine (Nespresso Pixie!), leggings, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Lifetime, Veggie Straws and bubbles. 

Welcome to our shit show. 

xo, Megan

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