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At your baby shower did you receive at least five cards that said, “We can’t wait to meet your baby babies!” The word baby was crossed out and babies written in with a pen… I did! But it wasn’t anyone’s fault, and it truly didn't offend me. The problem is that there wasn’t a place to find cards that are made for twins, or let alone, triplets! My first Mother’s Day after having Hank and Louie, where I got a similar type of card from my husband, I thought to myself, "Why don’t I offer a place for people to find products that are made for multiples?!"

Two|Three|Four is a boutique that offers products specifically designed for families that have more than one child - especially those that go from 0 to 2 in a matter of 10 months. ;)  I wanted to give customers a place that they could go to find not only greeting cards, but clothing and gifts for those expecting a new baby(ies). My goal is to curate the comfiest, cutest and highest quality products for children. 

When I'm not working on Two|Three|Four, you can find me enjoying time with my my boys.... Sean (my husband), Louie & Hank (2 year old twins). As a Minnesota native, we love spending time at our family cabins in the summer - sitting on the pontoon during the day and by the bonfire at night. I've also been known to enjoy a glass of cabernet after a long day. 


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